Ztohoven Art Collective Launches “Citizen K” Identity Swap

Občan K. / Citizen K. / Der Bürger K. from Občan K. on Vimeo.

Prague – Czech art pranksters, whose Ztohoven art collective gained international notoriety for implanting images of a fictional atomic blast on live television, face legal action for their latest prank.

Police on Friday launched an investigation into the group’s latest project, during which 12 guerrilla artists lived for months under each other’s identity.

The action aimed to draw the attention to the omnipresent Big-Brother-like control of the public by authorities.

The artists applied for new identity cards with computer-altered photographs that combined features of two members of the group – the man who would use the card and the man in whose name it was issued.

A video on their web site shows that they used the fake identity to get married, travel abroad and even vote in the Czech Republic’s May 28-29 general election.


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