Intelligenza (Intelligenti pauca) - Robot Art - 2010

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"Intelligenza" is a project conceived and realized in May 2010 as part of the "Parliamos Itagnolo" exhibition where EpidemiC, Eva & Franco Mattes,, Enrike Hurtado, Joan Leandre and Luigi Pagliarini exhibited their works. The exhibition was produced by the Real Academia de España en Roma (Italy) and was curated by Nilo Casares.
The art piece "Intelligenza" attempts to materialize and enact the first of the three Pagliarini's Laws (in press) for a Post-Modern Artificial Intelligence (2010) which, in a striking hard provocation to the modern A.I. authors, enunciates that:
"Machines will be defined as 'intelligent' when, and only when, one of them will attempt suicide in a completely autonomous manner".

Thanx to:
- Mr. B.D. for helping in the realization of the sculpture and circuits;
- Andrea Bonazzelli for the electrical circuit design;
- Nilo Casares (‪‬ for curating the "Intelligenza" project and the exhibition;
- The Real Academia de España en Roma ( for hosting the exhibition;
- Floriana Orati for shooting the video;
- Andrea Gabriele ( for the soundtrack;

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