Jardin Solar teaser

Jardin Solar teaser from Dream Addictive on Vimeo.

JardínSolar - SolarGarden — by Dream Addictive — is a series of sculptures that explore the field of sound interaction, using renewable energy as supply source. The intention is to integrate open source hardware and software, and solar cells as energy source, proposing a series of prototypes that generate audio and relational interfaces.
The creatures in the “solar garden” are entities of light. They feed themselves from electrons, process their energy and translate it into electronic songs. They are sociable and sensible machines, they like public space, where they can call people and invite them to play actively with established chance and ethereal frequencies of electronic sound. The sculptures are made of wood, acrylic and plastic, their aesthetics are some times mimetic and some other times are imposed on landscape, decomposing space at a visual and sound level.


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