VidiMasher 3000 (Video Mashup Screen) Demo - Mark Gunderson, aka The Evolution Control Committee

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The mashup master Mark Gunderson, aka The Evolution Control Committee, has been in the music plagiarism field for the last couple of decades. One of his latest tactical products (after so many others) is called VidiMasher 3000. It's a 122-centimeter rear-projected faux touchscreen, which shows the overloaded Ableton Live software setup of loops Gunderson uses during his live, plagiaristic shows.

The VidiMasher 3000. Based off of Johnny Chung Lee's whiteboard, we assembled a four-foot rear-projected faux touchscreen. It's perfect for our Wheel Of Mashup shows, which depend on an overloaded setup of Ableton Live. Because it's overloaded, it's very difficult to mouse quickly and accurately enough to mash things up on the fly. The touchscreen solves that.

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